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Monster Sex Slaves Cara Layton

Monster Sex Slaves

Cara Layton

Published February 4th 2013
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 About the Book 

In darkest of nights, horny, unstoppable beasts await. This 14,000 word collection of sinful stories has everything dark and dangerous that you could want. It includes: Bound by Bigfoot, Big City Monsters: Jersey Devil Gangbang and The Hunted.Bound by Bigfoot: Deep in the heart of the cold, dense forest a horny beast awaits for its next victim. It has been hunting for its sexual prey in the same deserted area for generations but had never obtained a higher status than “legend”. So when Margaret, a seductive skeptic, heads up to the area for a weekend retreat with her new boyfriend, she finds herself unwittingly in the kinky cross-hairs of the beast’s desires. Will she be able to get away in time or will the monster’s primal needs force her into submission?This 4,000 story contains explicit content, including: m/f oral sex, 69, abduction, bondage, fingering, reluctant monster sex and breeding.Big City Monsters: Jersey Devil Gangbang: For most people, the Jersey Devil is nothing more than an urban legend. To Shana, however, the feared creature is the subject of an abnormal infatuation. She has spent years searching for some kind of proof of the beast and always comes back empty-handed. But her luck is about to change. When she finds herself lured and surrounded by a group of the fabled creatures, their carnal urges become evident. Will Shana escape the grip of their menacing claws, or will she be forced to submit to the pack of feral sex-fiends?This 5,100 word story contains explicit content, including: m/f sex, bondage, oral sex, anal sex, breeding and a kinky monster gangbang.The Hunted: Deep in the forests overlooking a bustling area of Southern California, a legendary wolf-man waits patiently for its next victim. So when Miranda- a sexy young woman with a body like a goddess -gets trapped with her friends in a freak snow storm, she finds herself the target of the creature’s kinky, carnal urges. Will she escape its horny grasp and make it back to safety, or will the monster force her to submit to its raw, dark desires?This 4,800 word story contains explicit content, including: m/f sex, abduction, bondage, BDSM, spanking, reluctant monster sex and breeding.